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July 2, 2024

Episode #02 - Kevin Mutiso: The Power of Purpose

Join us in an inspiring journey on "Conversations and Plugs" with Kevin Mutiso, a trailblazer in digital lending and a fervent advocate for societal change. In this episode, titled "The Power of Purpose," Kevin shares his profound insights into identifying and solving societal challenges through innovative business solutions.

June 18, 2024

Episode #01 - Wandia Gichuru: Embracing change and cultivating resilience

Embark on a journey with Wandia Gichuru, the visionary CEO of Vivo Fashion Group! In this episode of “Conversations and Plugs,” Wandia unveils the narrative of building a pioneering fashion brand that transcends borders and empowers African women. Dive deep into her strategies for scaling businesses, fostering gender-intentional entrepreneurship, and making a lasting impact on the African fashion scene.

Episode 00
June 11, 2024

Episode #00 - The Genesis of Conversations and Plugs: Unveiling African Entrepreneurship

Get ready to embark on a journey through the dynamic world of African entrepreneurship with Conversations & Plugs! In our debut episode, hosts Cliff and Wangu reveal the inspiration behind the podcast and their mission to spotlight the untold stories of African business visionaries

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Clifford Kinyua


Clifford Kinyua is a seasoned business strategist and visionary co-founder of “Conversations and Plugs,” a podcast dedicated to illuminating the…


Wangũ Joy


Wangũ Joy is a strategy consultant focused on economic recovery across Africa. Her work involves close collaboration with government bodies, private…